Montag, 27. Dezember 2010

Happy Holidays.

Happy Holidays guys! My apologies for beeing gone so long but you know, it's holiday season :D
On friday (christmas eve) we went to church and in the evening we had a huge meal with my grandparents. Afterwards it was time for us to get our presents :)
I got the jumper you can see in the pictures from my parents, some earrings from my sister and a poster from my brother. My grandma gave me the leggins I'm wearing and I got a little money from everyone.
On saturday I've been working, but it was okay I didn't need to be there for too long so I was able to go see my boyfriend, too.
Yesterday was the last day of christmas in germany and I spent it with my boyfriend. We had lunch with his family (Pizza) and then we went over to my house and played a lot of games with my family :D
The pictures are from sunday if you're wondering.


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