Mittwoch, 22. Dezember 2010

Stand by me.

Last day of school yay! So today was the last day of school for this year, isn't that awesome? Well this year the holidays are going to be diffrent than normaly. In about three months we have our final exams coming up, so I have to start studying (oke I probably won't) and our teachers gave us hell of a lot work to do.. 2 weeks of holidays/studying yay -.-

I love that scarf, it's my brothers so you won't see me wearing it that often but still.. it's huge and it feels so amazing. I wish I was better at knitting so I could make my own, but I kinda suck at it. The button up isn't mine either, it's my dads. Thats wired right? I soldem wear stuff from my mum but I have a lot of shirts that belonged to my brother or my dad. I just love oversized shirts and button ups and whatever :D
Oh and I gotta tell you about the jacket. I got it about two or three years ago and I loved it but I only wore it one winter and then it was just sitting at the back of my closet until I packed it away at the end of last winter. And then, yesterday, I thought "there was this white parka you loved, where is it?" and I found it and went straight back to loving it. What do you think?


Kommentare :

  1. Sehr schönes Outfit, ich stehe ja sehr auf kariert <3 und er Schal ist genial,tolle Farbe. Klau ihn!! :D

  2. karooo

  3. das outfit ist super,steht dir wirklich gut!<3


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